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When you teach Spanish with LIM Lessons you gain access to the world.

It's not just a job. It's about changing lives, including your own.
Whether you plan to pursue a career in education or have a passion for helping others, teaching Spanish with LIM Lessons is an excellent way to grow professionally and personally, and to earn money for your next adventure.

LIM Spanish lessons are personalized and focus on a variety of topics including: Business Communication, DELE/CELU, Interview Prep, Politics and the Economy, Arts, Sports, Music, Film, Literature, Social Outings, and Travel.

Join a professional team of educators guiding Spanish language learners to success.

"I have learned a lot. I have seen improvement in my speaking abilities. I like LlM's coursework, including test preparation materials, I like being able to ask for help with specific things, and most of all, I like being able to learn from a native speaker." - Adriana

"The lessons give you the opportunity to create, share and establish a relationship with someone who speaks something completely different from what you are used to. They also demonstrate that you need to have some dedication and commitment to reach your (learning) goals. It is a good approach, the fact that the tutor comes to your house is a big plus and gives you a feeling of comfort in the educational process. It is a good company.” - Arnaldo

Work with experienced Spanish tutors who love what they do - get started teaching today!

"I really like LIM as a company, I think they are a very good company to work for and they respect their teachers. They provide support with the materials and I can trust them. They are very friendly but still maintain a professional approach to teaching!" - Harriet

"I like the flexibility and getting to meet new people by working with the students. I like that the classes can be fun and personalized to the student." - Haley

"I really liked the times when a student would be making progress. And I liked it when students would stop and ask me questions about idioms and words like 'yall', 'ain't', 'howdy' and I could explain. And then when they used them in a sentence." - Marcio

"The students are super cool people! And it's well organized." - Robert

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