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Teach Spanish

Teach Spanish

When you teach with LIM you gain access to the world

It’s not just a job. It’s about changing lives, including your own. Whether you plan to pursue a career in education or have a passion for helping others, teaching with LIM is an excellent way to grow professionally and personally, and to earn money for your next adventure.

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LIM was made by tutors, for tutors. This is an educator-run operation.

Our tutor support team is available around the clock for questions, comments and difficulties. Tutors are provided with training, coursework and cancellation protections. LIM accommodates new tutors as well as veteran tutors.

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How to start teaching Spanish with LIM Lessons

Tell us what language you will teach And when you want to teach
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Learn how to use our teaching tools And meet your students!
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We have our own virtual classroom

You can teach from your phone, computer or tablet

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Here are more benefits

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LIM Lessons Matching Algorithm connects tutors with students

We connect you with students

Our Tutor Algorithm™ connects you with students who match your rate, interests and availability preferences.

LIM Tutor is a cultural ambassador
LIM Tutors come from all over the world

Become a cultural ambassador

You are your learner’s language coach and cultural ambassador. Gain practical experience and networking opportunities.

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Withdraw lesson payment
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Control your rate and keep more of each lesson payment

Enjoy rate control, zero unpaid teaching time and a platform fee of only 6.25% for our most commonly purchased package.

Curriculum algorithm and lesson plans save you time

Lesson Plan

10% Warm-up
30% Conversation
25% Grammar

Curriculum algorithm and lesson plans save you time

Teaching materials are assigned to your lessons for you. Customized lesson plans help guide you through lessons.

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Use Our Materials And Lesson Management Tools For Free

Invite students and enjoy 100% price control + 100% of payments.

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Work with experienced Spanish tutors who love what they do. Start teaching today!

Satisfied LIM Lessons language student

“I really like LIM as a company, I think they are a very good company to work for and they respect their teachers. They provide support with the materials and I can trust them. They are very friendly but still maintain a professional approach to teaching!”


Happy LIM Lessons language student

“The students are super cool people! And its well organized.”


Satisfied LIM Lessons language tutor

“I really liked the times when a student would be making progress. And I liked it when students would stop and ask me questions about idioms and words like ‘yall’, ‘ain’t’, ‘howdy’ and I could explain. And then when they used them in a sentence.”


Happy LIM Lessons language student

“I like the flexibility and getting to meet new people by working with the students. I like that the classes can be fun and personalized to the student.”


Teaching is not just a job. It changes lives, including your own.

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