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Ambassador Program

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“I like connecting with other language learners and now I’m getting paid to do it.” - Ambassador Michelle

How It Works:

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You both earn discounts

You get paid for each student you refer

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Get paid USD$30 for each referred active paying user

When a user signs up with your referral code, you both earn a 20% discount

Get free credit for language lessons

Gain valuable professional experience to include on your resume

Grow your network

Receive a certificate of completion at the end of your experience

Principles of LIM Lessons and its Ambassador Program:

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We work tirelessly to provide our learners and tutors with the best experience possible.


We think about long-term goals and never sacrifice value for short-term results. We do what is best for the organization.

Innovation & Efficiency

We are always looking for big ideas and ways to improve and make processes more efficient. This innovation is driven by constant brainstorming, market research and looking everywhere for new ideas.

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We are always striving to improve and be better. If there is any problem, it is addressed immediately and permanently.


Collaboration is critical in our organization, and so is trust, respect and open communication. We encourage everyone in the organization to be open-minded and to genuinely listen.


We are a self-funded organization so frugality is critical. We spend resources when the result will directly benefit our customers. We are resourceful and more creative.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What will my duties be? Will I have to post on social media every day?

Does being part of the program require exclusivity?

Do I have to teach on the platform to be an ambassador?

I want to move my lessons to the platform, but I charge more than what is listed on the Prices page. How does pricing work?

Can you tell me more about the free lessons for ambassadors?

Have other questions? Contact us at hello@limlessons.com

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