Teach with LIM

Share a skill, make a friend, earn some cash.

Teach who you want, where you want, when you want.

Teach from your office, your favorite café or on your phone. With LIM you are in total control with complete flexibility.
Simply sign up and complete our 3-step application. There is no fee, no prerequisites, no unpaid teaching time. Start earning on the same day you sign up.
Don’t wait to teach - with LIM you can directly schedule with your learners.
The LIM tutor pay rate varies from USD$13.50 to USD$69.75 per hour.
LIM Tutors are paid based on their tutor tier. The 3 tier levels are novice, experienced and expert.
Tutors are promoted based on their ratings - so the more satisfied learners you have, the higher your rate.
To maintain accessible pricing, the hourly rate for in-person lessons adjusts for the local market rate.
Tutor payments are currently completed via PayPal and Payoneer. More alternative payment solutions will be added soon.

LIM was made by tutors, for tutors. This is an educator-run operation.

Our tutor support team is available around the clock for questions, comments and difficulties.
We are striving to build a platform that addresses all tutor needs and are constantly making improvements based on tutor feedback.
Tutors are provided with training, coursework and cancellation protections.
LIM accommodates new tutors as well as veteran tutors. Tutors receive a lesson plan and material for each lesson, however tutors can upload their own materials and have the freedom to modify lesson plans.
LIM focuses on practical training more than theoretical training, immersing tutors into teaching, while providing them with assistance and guidance.
With ratings and feedback from every lesson, LIM tutors receive constant confirmation of their strengths and how they can improve.

LIM tutors spread cultural openness, teaching social, civic and intercultural skills.

You are your learner’s language coach and cultural ambassador.
LIM tutors are flexible, open and patient.
Share your expertise in lessons focused on your educational or professional sector.
Teach professionals who want to learn the specific vocabulary, terms and phrases used in your shared sector.
Gain practical experience and networking opportunities.

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