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LIM Lessons For Organizations

Lim Lessons For Organizations

Empower your team with LIM Lessons

A corporate team participating in an online language lesson
Image of world representing globalization

Fluency in other languages is a prerequisite for international expansion

Graph representating increase in competitiveness

Increase your team’s competitiveness in the global market

Chat between customer and business

It is a decisive factor for bringing in new business

Image representing majority of customers
of customers
Image representing majority of organizations
feel more comfortable purchasing when information is presented in their native language
of organization leaders agree that communication problems decrease efficiency

LIM Lessons is solving communication problems

Online social scholarship lesson on a cell phone

We offer classes for 80 different languages.

Our platform has excellent accessibility, available on your phone, tablet and computer.

Join over 29,000 learners and tutors located around the world.

Online language lesson on a computer

LIM Lessons provides guided practice in personalized lessons, increasing your team’s confidence.

Experience LIM Lessons

Students enter their goals

An algorithm recommends the ideal tutor.

Students schedule in-person or online lessons.

Homework is completed and graded.

Videos, articles and audios on the platform are used to practice and study.

Students become fluent.

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Learning a language just got easier - start today!

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