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When you teach Portuguese with LIM Lessons you gain access to the world.

It's not just a job. It's about changing lives, including your own.
Whether you plan to pursue a career in education or have a passion for helping others, teaching Portuguese with LIM Lessons is an excellent way to grow professionally and personally, and to earn money for your next adventure.

LIM Portuguese lessons are personalized and focus on a variety of topics including: Business Communication, CELPE-Bras/TELC/CAPLE, Interview Prep, Politics and the Economy, Arts, Sports, Music, Film, Literature, Social Outings, and Travel.

Join a professional team of educators guiding Portuguese language learners to success.

"Good method, modern method. More accessible - you can have lessons at home, work, friends’ homes, family home, etc. There are not many teachers in my town, but with LIM, I can speak with teachers from all over the world. Each tutor gives a unique and personal touch, which adds more to the lesson: different accents, different culture, different sayings. This is more motivating." - Simone

"I think LIM's approach is different. I have been recommending it to all my friends! It’s very focused on what we need. I have been able to practice with work and it has been a great experience to learn more and share experiences educationally and culturally with my tutor.” - Macarena

Work with experienced Portuguese tutors who love what they do - get started teaching today!

"I really like LIM as a company, I think they are a very good company to work for and they respect their teachers. They provide support with the materials and I can trust them. They are very friendly but still maintain a professional approach to teaching!" - Harriet

"I like the flexibility and getting to meet new people by working with the students. I like that the classes can be fun and personalized to the student." - Haley

"I really liked the times when a student would be making progress. And I liked it when students would stop and ask me questions about idioms and words like 'yall', 'ain't', 'howdy' and I could explain. And then when they used them in a sentence." - Marcio

"The students are super cool people! And it's well organized." - Robert

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