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Learn Hindi

Learn Hindi

Multilingualism is a key factor in competitiveness, mobility and employability

Strong communication skills and dominance of various languages are key to competing in today’s global market.

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How to start learning Hindi with LIM Lessons

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Money-back satisfaction guaranteed and secure payments

Money-back satisfaction guaranteed and secure payments


Study tools include flashcards, videos and articles

Measure your proficiency level

We measure your progress and provide fluency certificate

We provide personalized Hindi lessons that focus on a variety of topics including:

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Our Hindi tutors focus on perfecting your Hindi pronunciation, comprehension and on vocabulary expansion. Learn to converse in Hindi comfortably, correctly and articulately. Our Tutors help learners converse in Hindi comfortably, correctly and articulately.

Just conversation

Are you overwhelmed with work? Do you have something on your mind that you’d like to discuss? In these Hindi lessons, you can converse freely, think of it as talk therapy in Hindi.

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Interview Prep

Understand that interviewing in Hindi is a skill; as with all skills, preparation and practice are necessary.

Business Communication, Meetings and Negotiations

Hindi is an important language for global business. Focus on formal and informal communications including emails, business letters, and phone calls.

Politics and the Economy

LIM tutors incorporate articles about current political and economic issues from reputable publications.

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For avid readers, our Hindi tutors incorporate excerpts from famous books.


What better way to immerse yourself in the Hindi language than with a lesson on the work of famous artists?


Did you know that music helps your brain process new information?

Listen to our playlists now to practice your Hindi for free!

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Travel and Directions

It’s important to be able to clearly communicate in Hindi to make sure our travels are safe and that we get to the correct destinations. During these Hindi lessons, our Hindi tutors simulate these situations to make sure you’ll arrive successfully.


Discuss and analyze your team’s games, successes or losses during your Hindi language lessons.


Our Hindi tutors incorporate videos in their lessons - with this fun, engaging content, you can discover the diversity and culture of Hindi speaking countries.

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Daily Routine

Learn how to interact independently and complete what are normally considered simple tasks but can be daunting challenges in Hindi.

Social Outings

Does the thought of attending a lunch or dinner in Hindi intimidate you? Anxiety-provoking activities like dating and making new friends will become easy with your lessons.

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