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With LIM you get:

  • Live online lessons on any device
  • Local lessons with natives near you
  • Secure payments with money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • The highest quality, best fit tutor (LIM Top Tutor Algorithmâ„¢
  • One-on-one attention and personalized curriculum
  • Progress tracking and transparency
  • Fluency certificates
  • Immersive experience
  • Total flexibility (any language anytime anywhere)
  • More speaking practice
  • Cultural Lessons
  • Global networking
  • Lessons about diverse topics and current events
  • Professional training in your target language

Your motivation to learn comes from your desire to communicate in a meaningful way about meaningful topics

Achieve your language goals today with a LIM language coach and the LIM method.

LIM tutors are trained to be active facilitators, talking less and listening more, always keeping the lesson a space of immersion.
The LIM method prioritizes communicative competence. While grammatical competence refers to knowing how sentences are formed, communicative competence refers to the ability to use a language in real-life interaction with others.
Methods used in LIM lessons include: Role-play, Interviewers, Information Gap Challenges, Games, Surveys, and Learning by Teaching.
To measure your level of competence, LIM uses the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The six levels of CEFR are broken down between basic (A), intermediate (B) and advanced (C).
As a new learner, you will complete a written assessment before meeting your tutor. During the first lesson, you will complete a verbal assessment as well as a profiling to define your specific needs, goals, strengths and weaknesses. Competency and profiling assessments will occur periodically throughout your lessons to deliver clear, transparent tracking of your progress. LIM's one-on-one and small group lessons provide the ideal context for this personalized approach to learning.

Multilingualism is a key factor in competitiveness, mobility and employability

Strong communication skills and dominance of various languages are key to competing in today's global market. Although English has a leading role as the world business language, it is other languages that will provide a competitive edge. In large parts of the world. English is considered a basic rather than a foreign language.
Multilingualism is particularly important for small and medium-sized companies (SME's) to broaden their access to markets. Companies that have used languages more strategically to expand their business abroad see considerable increases in sales.
LIM is committed to maintaining a constant monitoring of language training policies and market needs ensuring the proper training of workers and professionals by providing them with language skills and helping them to overcome cultural barriers.
LIM offers job-specific language courses for vocational education and training and it is inherent in the vision of LIM to offer all languages.

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