Share, Empower, Connect and Learn

Cultural and linguistic differences are an opportunity, not a threat.

Connecting people from all walks of life to understand and empathize with each other is a powerful method for peace.
Through the mediation of cultural and linguistic diversity, global needs can be met.
Our platform was created to connect people from all over the world to learn and grow together.
Meaningful discussions between tutors and learners create a space for self-discovery, self-realization and self-awareness.
Through our lessons we promote openness, understanding, patience, tolerance and respect.
At LIM we work to
1) empower and enrich lives with language and cultural education
2) promote cultural understanding and resist cultural closure, radicalism and nationalism
3) increase global access to professional opportunities
4) protect and promote underrepresented languages
Globalization, on one hand, has brought distant people together, but on the other hand, it has produced a flattening of specific cultural and linguistic differences. Linguistic and cultural knowledge are important in a multicultural society - language and culture go hand in hand. Social inclusion and cultural understanding are key for preventing radicalization and terrorism.

The foundation of LIM is love.

LIM Lessons was created years ago in a small apartment in Madrid where a young English teacher built a business to teach other people English with the same approach she used to teach herself Portuguese. This young teacher tested her idea in Brazil and then decided to build a platform where it could be used by anyone in the world. Along the way many teachers, language enthusiasts and friends have worked alongside her to build the platform you see today.
LIM continues to be a project built with love and passion by a team whose principal aim is to make the world a better place.
As educators we strive to create the most conducive learning and teaching environment, satisfying the needs of tutors and learners around the world.
We work everyday to incorporate feedback, and are always looking for ways to improve.